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Whether you are using the barbell mounted Bar Sensei™ for bar speed or throwing the Ballistic Ball™, the A2P SPEED App gives you the instant rep-by-rep feedback to optimize your training sessions. With this app we simplified the outputs to give the key speed metrics associated with Velocity Based Training (VBT), peak and average bar speed displayed in meters per second (m/s). Plus, with no log-ins required or loads to be entered, the A2P SPEED App is designed to be quick & easy to use. The A2P–FIT™ platform (found on all Assess2Perform™ products) captures your movement, sends the data wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart, then displays the instant metrics on your iOS device.

For the Bar Sensei, set a target bar speed and go! The A2P SPEED App reports the instant outputs after each rep. The color coded graph that lets you know if you hit or beat the target (green), came in just a touch under (yellow), or moved way too slow (red). Movement protocols include squat, box squat, bench, deadlift, and power clean (with more to follow).

With the Ballistic Ball, the world of medicine ball training just changed! The first product of its kind offers instant speed outputs for various movement protocols. Choose a movement protocol (rotational throw, overhead back throw, wall ball, chest throw, or bench throw), set the target speed, and go! The A2P SPEED App reports never seen before medicine ball training feedback, offering you the information to optimize training like rotational speed or full extension movements. Golfer, Baseball, MMA, Tennis, and all other sports where rotational power matters, the Ballistic Ball just changed the game.

The A2P SPEED App is included with all Bar Sensei and Ballistic Ball purchases.

Optimized for devices with 64 bit architecture (iPad Air + and iPhone 5S+)